Beautiful You!

It has been my dream to write. I started writing a book when I was 12 years old and never completed it. I have been thinking about writing for months now. Today, I gathered the courage and decided to share what is close to my heart. Something I have been practicing, and have been sharing with my clients too. I am grateful to all the readers who are taking the time to read this.

It’s not about external beauty, it’s about how you feel from inside. How comfortable you are with yourself, how much you love yourself.

Accept your body as it is; enhance your best features with great makeup techniques and cuts. We all feel like we could lose more weight, I wish I had better hair, better legs and the list is never ending. We carry all this with us all day long. We might have great clothes but when we don’t feel beautiful from inside it doesn’t work.

When we start to accept ourselves just the way we are, love ourselves, we see the glow on our face. We feel like eating healthy, exercising and looking after ourselves. I have experienced this with myself, ever since I have started to tell myself  ’I LOVE YOU’. I am perfect just the way I am, I feel like looking after myself. I am watching every moment how am I treating my body and what I am feeding it with? What food I am eating and what thoughts I have in my mind about myself and others.

So the key to beautiful you and transformation is to Love yourself and accept yourself. After that we work on our outer self. This is what I truly call beautiful from inside.