Our Story


Minimalist Designs - Fluid fabrics - Eclectic Cuts

At Wasabi, we firmly believe in appreciating women and celebrating their uniqueness.

Our Brand

We like to think of body positivity and self-acceptance not just as emotions, but also as forms of expression because all women are truly beautiful and must love themselves exactly the way they are.

We simply aim to portray the modern woman as a symbol of who she really is.

Our minimalist designs, fluid fabrics, and eclectic cuts are perfectly suited to their dynamic lifestyle.

Setting a precedent for ethical and eco-friendly fashion practices is central to our philosophy.

Our Philosophy

Wasabi’s philosophy revolves around minimalistic and classy designs made with fluid fabrics and eclectic cuts that are designed to let every woman feel comfortable in her own body. Our clothes give our customers a sense of body positivity and self acceptance, all while using sustainable business practices.

House Of Wasabi

Our Founder

Shilpa Sahni, our founder of the Gurgaon based sustainable women's wear brand Wasabi, which is incubated with NSRCEL IIM, Bangalore. House of Wasabi is in the top 40 of the 11,500 start-ups incubated with IIM Bangalore. She is a certified 'Fashion stylist and Image consultant' from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She is a speaker on various platforms like corporations, universities like Dell, American Express, IIMB and many more on "Power Dressing".

She has 15 years of experience in the corporate world and the fashion industry and has worked with multi-cultural nationalities and has traveled extensively. Living and working in different environments has helped her to develop a sensitive eye to fashion and culture. Shilpa was also an educationist with “Institute of Apparel Management” Gurgaon for Communication skills and Merchandising (MBA and MSC).

Shilpa has done her master's from “Amsterdam Fashion Institute”- The Netherlands. Shilpa is a graduate of Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University and a diploma holder from “Pearl Academy of Fashion” New Delhi. Shilpa is a co-founder of an NGO called “Sunshine foundation”, when she is not working, she volunteers her time with Project Sunshine, working on giving underprivileged children a childhood in Gurgaon.

She has been awarded with " National Acheiver's award by Sakshat Nari Parishad for giving back to the society.

"Women's Acheiver's Award ' by Dainik Bhaskar.

After spending almost a decade in the corporate world and as a full-time mother of two lovely boys, she wanted to fulfill her desire to learn more and further explore the intricacies of fashion. Thus, decided to attend the “Fashion Institute of Technology '' in New York and went on to work as a personal shopper and stylist. She found a deep connection with people and understood the importance of inspiring positive change in people’s - especially women’s - wardrobes and the role fashion plays in empowering lives.

Her love for fashion and styling people helped her gain insight into what the modern Indian woman wants - a bespoke, minimalist and chic apparel brand.

Thus, Wasabi was born in a tiny room in her house. She continued to raise Wasabi, and before she knew it, it had grown tremendously. Today, her company is being housed at some of the best-known brands and locations across India.

Naming Our Brand

It felt like the stars had aligned when I met a friend at a party 15 years ago. He had a list of potential names for his own brand. A quick glance at the list and I was captivated by only one name there- Wasabi. And I knew immediately that if I were to ever start something of my own, I would call it that.

So, when I did start my own fashion line, I named it Wasabi, because just like Japanese Wasabi sauce, every style packs a punch!


Wasabi is a brand that is very vocal about the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Our business model revolves around slow fashion and sustainability in order to tackle the flaws of modern day fast fashion and wastage.

We begin the process of making our pieces after the order has been placed by a customer, this helps us avoid making pieces in an excessive amount. This way our pieces are even customisable for the customer’s taste and preference.

The fabric that is left behind from our pieces are turned into face masks and cloth bags, allowing us to lead a zero wastage production process.

Wasabi as a brand is very eco-friendly as our fabrics are produced with azo-free dyes and the fabrics used are environmentally friendly. Our brand is extremely eco-conscious and we are always trying to improve our efforts to maximise our sustainability, allowing us to make and produce beautiful garments and help heal the earth.

Finding our team

We are extremely grateful for our team, they have been the backbone of Wasabi from day one.

Our team consists of our founder and designer Shilpa Sahni, who along with our master tailors, sits down and designs the pieces which are inspired from different fabrics and prints.

The master tailors stitch up the pieces to perfection, even customizing them to the needs of the customer. Anita, our helping hand is an essential part of the team, she has been with us since the beginning. Our brand believes in giving back to society and uplifting the societal status of women, Anita was the start of this initiative that was taken up by Wasabi

Lukman is an integral part of the team and has been involved in designing and piecing together many of our pieces that have been loved and cherished by so many of our customers.

Our team’s hard work and efficiency is the glue that holds wasabi in place, our team is made up of beautiful and brilliant minds that are talented and equally hard working.