Did you know just as colours are described as warm or cool, light and dark, clear and muted, so are people!!

I always thought I would wear red because I like it. Only after my course on Colour Analysis and Colour Psychology at the Fashion Institute of Technology,  New York, I found out about these facts. I did my colour analysis and now wear clothes that go with my colour tones which are cool -winter.

When we wear the right colours it makes us look younger, well rested, healthy and vital, evens up our complexion, makes our skin glow and connected to our clothing. Wrong colours make us look older, tired, unhealthy, makes our skin appear grey, and amplifies skin imperfections.

Now I never make the mistake of buying the wrong colour. I wore pink this Diwali, with pink accessories, I bought my accessories also in my right colours.

So get your Color Analysis done by me, and avoid all these shopping mistakes.