What’s your personal style

When I meet my clients I am generally asked this question, what is my style?? Am I born with a particular style or do I change my style every now and then??

So let's begin with what is style? It is not what we read about in the fashion publications. It's not stage photography of various garments on top models or celebrities. It is not what you see on a runway show in Pret a Porter or Haute couture. This is style as splendid illusion.

It's highly mystic, we may not recognise ourselves but definitely recognise others. A distant Aura that surrounds a person with style. Their style seems to be magically consistent, converging with their overall appearance, individual personality and wardrobe selection to make them stand out wherever they go and whatever they do.

It's not about how much money one spends on dressing up, neither is it about the beauty. There are so many trendsetters, style setters they are not beautiful or handsome in the true sense. What they have is an inherent individual style, which is distinct and original. I have heard people saying this phrase “either you have a style or you don’t”, I don’t agree with this, I feel style can be learned or developed.

Style is an expression of an individual, their personality, their thoughts, beliefs, priorities in life are reflected in the style they carry. It's an art and science. It encompasses right brain intuition, creativity, colour, images and left brain Logic and reasoning. Style is the inner essence and outer expression of an individual. Style is who we are, and how we communicate and live in this world.

Find out your style and develop your style with Style By Shilpa.